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Remove Yellow Pet Stains From Carpet

We are specialists in removing urine stains and odours from carpets, upholstery, rugs and mattresses. Urine stains look unsightly and if not treated correctly it can be a huge challenge to correct. Urine can cause permanent damage to your carpet and upholstery, it also creates an extremely unhealthy indoor environment. The stain you see on the surface of your carpet is only half the problem, the backing, padding, underlay and sub flooring will also be affected from urine contamination.


Specialised cleaning is needed to correctly deal with urine and any odours that may be present. This treatment is well beyond just a basic cleaning service. As the urine dries, the liquid evaporates but the urine crystals become even more concentrated and pungent. Simple cleaning will not remove this odour. 


To help remove such odours and stains caused by pet urine we use an exclusive product and tool specially designed to eliminate or reduce pet urine odours and nasty stains. While most cleaning only masks the odour, Xtremeclean ECO's revolutionary pet urine removal treatment works at the molecular level and destroys the urine crystals to eliminate the odour.


With this process, we saturate the affected area with our exclusive cleaning agent which passes throughout the carpet fibres and then penetrates deep into the carpet’s backing, padding and subfloor, reaching the entire odour source. We then use our unique “water claw” sub surface extraction tool connected to out truck-mounted carpet cleaner to pull the urine contaminants out. 

There is nothing as strong, safe and effective to kill odours and remove those unsightly yellow pet stains.

Urine Stain and Odour Removal
Water Claw Stain Removal
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