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Our Services

Carpet Cleaning

Specialist carpet cleaning


Your carpets act as a filter in your home and collect all sorts of dust, grit and soil. Whilst vacuuming on a regular basis will alleviate some of this problem, it does not remove those deep down soils that attach themselves to the fibres. Professional cleaning will release those problematic soils and assist in maintaining the original look and lustre of your carpet. Having your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis will extend their life expectancy considerably, in addition to keeping them hygienic and looking good. Carpets that are cleaned incorrectly, or even not cleaning them at all, will reduce their life expectancy significantly, leaving you no option but to have them replaced.

Upholstery Cleaning

Experts in upholstery cleaning


No matter what type of upholstery fabric the consumer chooses, at some time in its eventful life it will require cleaning, some more frequently than others. Upholstery needs to be cleaned at least once every two years to keep it at its best and to remove the soiling that vacuuming alone is unable to remove. However, do not be tempted to do this yourself; home cleaning methods may damage the fabric or leave behind detergent residues which can lead to rapid resoling.

Rug Cleaning

Restoring rugs from around the world


Xtremeclean ECO care for the finest rugs from around the world using only detergent free solutions to restore your rug back to it's former glory. We will collect your rug and in return bring it to our dedicated cleaning workshop, where it will receive our very thorough Cleaning methods to obtain maximum soil and spot removal. We are also able to use various cleaning tools, such as dusting grids, that are not available to us off-site, and it enables controlled drying

Leather Cleaning

Revive your leather sofa


Leather has become increasingly popular over recent years, do you know just how important it is to preserve and maintain such an expensive investment? Leather is a skin and our skin regularly needs special attention whether its creams or lotions we use to help maintain a healthy appearance...So why should your leather suite be any different? It is very important to identify just what type of leather finish your suite has, this is where our knowledge helps to determine the correct and safe method of cleaning. Pigmented, aniline, suede and nubuck are all leathers we specialise in. Conditioning and protecting of leather is strongly recommended to ensure many years of service but also to resist and accidental spills and stains.

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