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Leather Cleaning  

Leather has become increasingly popular over recent years, do you know just how important it is to preserve and maintain such an expensive investment?


Leather is a skin and our skin regularly needs special attention whether its creams or lotions we use to help maintain a healthy appearance...So why should your leather suite be any different?


It is very important to identify just what type of leather finish your suite has, this is where our knowledge helps to determine the correct and safe method of cleaning. Pigmented, aniline, suede and nubuck are all leathers we specialise in. Conditioning and protecting of leather is strongly recommended to ensure many years of service but also to resist and accidental spills and stains.

Professional Leather Cleaning South East London

Professional leather cleaning ensures:


  • Increased life expectancy - Eliminating many of the problems that may lead to leather sofas needing to be replaced before their time.

  • Stain Removal - No longer worry about concealing those discomforting and unsightly spots, marks and dried in spillages. We specialise in stain removal and can ensure removal of most stubborn stains.

  • A more hygienic environment - Complete removal of general dust, soil and accumulated debris.

  • Improved appearance - Even the oldest and dullest of leather can look brand new following our professional leather cleaning.

  • Elimination of mites and bacteria - Reducing the risk of allergies, mould and many other potential problems.

  • Deodorisation - Most odours can be eliminated by professional leather cleaning, Xtremeclean ECO can offer specialist treatments to ensure fresh clean smelling leather once again.

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