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Sanitisation, Disinfection &

Decontamination Cleaning

If you’re looking for ways to protect yourself, then maybe you should consider our deep cleaning, sanitisation, disinfecting and decontamination service. Help protect your family or employees germs and viruses including Coronavirus, ensure their safety. Whether it's residential or commercial, we can help protect from any nasty bacteria and viruses that may be lurking, attached to surfaces around your premises.


In light of the recent Coronavirus pandemic, it has become apparent that the way we look after ourselves and loved ones will change dramatically going forward. Our domestic and commercial disinfection service is aimed to help and designed to eliminate up to 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria, without the use of toxic chemicals.

We use a specialist product that will safely clean and protect by removing harmful bacteria, viruses and odours. it is suitable for wet cleanable surfaces including food preparation surfaces, microwaves, chopping boards, cupboards, fridges, freezers and it's Food safe. The products we use are the latest in technology that clean, sanitise and protect against all germs and viruses including coronaviruses who belong to a group known as ‘enveloped viruses’. Please be aware that we cannot cure or kill Covid-19, we can only destroy the Coronavirus while in the environment, the illness cannot be cured once inside the human body.


The product we use is also suitable for Bio-Hazard fogging, approved to European standards and has a Log Kill 6.



ANTI-VIRAL EN14476 LOG KILL 4.33 = 99.99%

ANTI-FUNGAL EN1650 LOG KILL 6 = 99.9999%

Our bio-fogging process is a well established and recognised technique for the sterilisation of the entire interior of a room including the atmosphere, furnishings and surfaces. The 'fog' is in the form of a fine mist which eliminates all pathogens in places that often can not be reached by conventional cleaning. These include ceilings, walls, floors, carpets, soft fabrics and every nook and cranny which are otherwise inaccessible. The fogging leaves everything totally free of pathogens but also 'freshened' and ready for use.

Coronavirus & Decontamination Cleaning Essex

*Please note – This service can be booked individually, or as an addition to any one of our other cleaning services.

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