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Nano Stain Protection

Xtremeclean ECO professional stain protection service can restore stain resistance to your carpet. This prolongs the life of the valuable investment you have made and keeps the environment in your home or office fresh, hygienic and stylish. Our award winning stain protection treatment can be applied not just to freshly cleaned carpets but also to upholstery and rugs. 

Using a simple process, we apply an invisible barrier over the carpet or other fabric’s surface to give a highly effective result. The anti-stain treatment is applied using a specialist spray which settles on top of the pile or fabric where it takes full effect in a couple of hours. Once your carpets and textiles are dry to the touch, the anti-stain film starts to work, discouraging dirt from becoming ingrained. The treatment keeps spillages sitting on top of the carpet rather than penetrating through the pile so these can more readily be removed. 

Carpet Stain Protection

Benefits of nano stain protection:

  • Perfect protection for carpets, rugs and upholstery

  • It prevents dirt and stains from being absorbed by the carpet fibres.

  • It provides an invisible barrier which gives you a fighting chance when spills and accidents inevitably occur.

  • Strong carpet protection repels spills for easier removal

  • Ideal for high-traffic areas

  • Doesn't change the look and feel of your carpet

  • Limits reappearing spots

  • It refreshes the performance of carpets which have been previously treated: this is far cheaper than buying a new carpet.

  • It protects your long term investment in an attractive carpet.

  • Safe for you and your pets.

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