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Upholstery Cleaning  

No matter what type of upholstery fabric the consumer chooses, at some time in its eventful life it will require cleaning, some more frequently than others. Upholstery needs to be cleaned at least once every two years to keep it at its best and to remove the soiling that vacuuming alone is unable to remove. Cleaning upholstery is very intricate task, do not be tempted to do this yourself, DIY home cleaning may permanently damage the fabric or leave behind detergent residues which can lead to rapid resoling and many other problems.


As we all know upholstery is available in a wide variety of different fabrics, materials, sizes and construction. A one step cleaning process definitely does not do all, at Xtremeclean ECO we will identify the fabric and construction and only then we will use the correct method to carry out a safe and professional effective deep clean using the most thorough upholstery cleaning technology, products and methods.


Your soft furnishings will receive a premium cleaning service of the highest standard using eco friendly products that are safe to your family, pets & allergy sufferers as they don't contain any nasty detergents, optical brighteners, enzymes, solvents, caustic alkalis or powerful chemical odours.


Freshly beautiful cleaned upholstery will brighten any living space, benefiting your family’s health and helping to protect children who may have allergy problems or suffer from asthma. Having your upholstery professionally cleaned will provide fantastic long term benefits for everyone in your household.


You should never expect anything less for your home!

Sofa Cleaning Romford, Hornchurch & Essex

Professional upholstery cleaning               ensures:


  • Increased life expectancy - Eliminating many of the problems that may lead to upholstery and soft furnishings needing to be replaced before their time.

  • Stain Removal - No longer worry about concealing those discomforting and unsightly spots, marks and dried in spillages. We specialise in stain removal and can ensure removal of most stubborn stains.

  • A more hygienic environment - Complete removal of general dust, soil and accumulated debris.

  • Improved appearance - Even the oldest and dullest upholstery can look brand new following our professional upholstery cleaning.

  • Elimination of mites and bacteria - Reducing the risk of allergies, mould and many other potential problems.

  • Deodorisation - Most odours can be eliminated by professional upholstery cleaning, Xtremeclean ECO can offer specialist treatments to ensure fresh clean smelling upholstery.

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