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Rug Cleaning  

Xtremeclean ECO care for the finest rugs from around the world using only detergent free solutions to restore your rug back to it's former glory. Unfortunately rugs do become heavily soiled, stained and attract pollutants such as germs, pollen and smoke but Xtremeclean ECO will ensure that they’re restored to their former glory. 

Cleaning rugs is a very intricate and specialist job and we use the latest technology to deliver results that are quite simply amazing. We always aim to give our customers 100% satisfaction, with a choice of having the cleaning work done on your own premises or using our pick-up and return service for your convenience. 

Specialist Rug Cleaning:

Xtremeclean ECO provide specialist cleaning services for Antique, Oriental, Persian, Chinese, Indian, Native American and standard synthetic or natural rugs, all of which have their own particular characteristics, fabric and weave. A luxurious rug is a stylish investment for your home and needs extremely careful handling to prolong its life and allow you to enjoy it to the full. 

A freshly treated and cleaned rug has brighter, clearer colours and is odour and stain free once again. Whether the problem is long standing spots/stains, odours caused by pets, water or liquid spill damage or just the damage caused by general wear and tear of feet, we will restore your rugs to their original beauty.

Moths & Dust Mites: 

Just as carpets, rugs can also attract moths and dust mites, these must to be dealt with carefully, depending on the type of rug you have. Natural fibre rich rugs are caviar to both moths and mites causing havoc including problems such as fibre damage or loss, hayfever, asthma and allergies making life very uncomfortable for your family.

At Xtremeclean ECO we of course understand your concern for your family’s health. Our specialist moth and dust mite treatment service is not only highly efficient but keeps the environment in your home safe and hygienic for everyone.

Professional rug cleaning ensures:


  • Increased life expectancy - Eliminating many of the problems that may lead to rugs needing to be replaced before their time.

  • Stain Removal - No longer worry about concealing those discomforting and unsightly spots, marks and dried in spillages. We specialise in stain removal and can ensure removal of most stubborn stains.

  • A more hygienic environment - Complete removal of general dust, soil and accumulated debris.

  • Improved appearance - Even the oldest and dullest of rugs can look brand new following our professional upholstery cleaning.

  • Elimination of mites and bacteria - Reducing the risk of allergies, mould and many other potential problems.

  • Deodorisation - Most odours can be eliminated by professional rug cleaning, Xtremeclean ECO can offer specialist treatments to ensure fresh clean smelling rugs.

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