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5 Benefits Of Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning

1. Higher Temperature

Truck mounted carpet cleaners are capable of a lot higher cleaning temperatures, delivering water of temperatures up to as high as 265f. This is essential when trying to produce good results because the greater temperatures will make the cleaning agents more active. This permits for more effective chemical utilisation and allows cleaners to utilise less chemicals on a regular basis. The result is a cleaner carpet with no residues.

2. Higher Pressure With Steam

Again a Truck mount is capable of higher pressures of up to fifteen hundred pounds per square inch (PSI). This is excessive pressure for carpet cleaning. but a truck mount system will mainly use between 400-500 PSI. Still great than a portable carpet cleaner can operate at. This excess pressure enables for expectation that means greater removal of soil.

3. Higher Vacuum Levels

Truck mounted machines, in addition to higher heat and higher PSI, also have better suction due to a belt driven blower, resulting in cleaner and dryer carpets.

4. Faster Cleaning

Since truck mounts are easier to set up, jobs can be completed much quicker. Portable cleaners are left having to fill up buckets of water, carry the machine to the door and frequently fill and empty the machine. Truck mounts have their own waste tanks on board and hook up straight to a water supply.

5. Less Mess & Disruption

How? Simple. All we do this bring a hose into your home. As easy as that. We’re not looking for plug sockets to plug the machine in or fill buckets with hot water at the sink. Everything we need, we bring in on the van, so you can enjoy cleaner, dryer, more hygienic carpets that are dust mite free.

Xtremeclean ECO are the number 1 provider of carpet cleaning in South East London, Kent and Essex.

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