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What Is Your Carpet Cleaner Using? 

Have you ever considered what products your carpet cleaner uses? Are they safe? Is your carpet cleaner leaving residues behind in your carpet fibres? Are they using the correct product for your carpet fibre type? (natural or synthetic)

Unfortunately as a customer you me be unaware to what a genuine professional carpet cleaning service is. Maybe you should start asking questions, after all you are paying your hard earned cash for a professional service and for someone to treat your home and it's contents with respect.

You pay for what you get and in this industry, cheap is most definitely not cheerful. Don't fall victim to the unprofessionals posing as the professionals!

At Xtremeclean ECO we only use premium products that are both safe and free rinsing. So no danger to your family and no contamination or damage to your carpets. Xtremeclean ECO - Where only the best will do. Clean Carpets. Healthier Home. Clear Pricing. Unbeatable Service. Happy Customers.

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