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Carpet Cleaning Essex

Just as the clothes we wear need regular cleaning to keep them fresh and hygienic, carpets and upholstered furniture need to be maintained in the same way. Accumulated soil and grit are major causes of wear and tear, which results in reduced carpet and fabric life. Regular professional carpet cleaning ensures the removal of this soiling, along with any potentially harmful mites and bacteria, in a safe and practical way. Cleaning charges are minimal when you consider the replacement cost of carpets and furnishings, so regular cleaning makes economic sense too. HOW WE DO IT There are several methods used in professional carpet cleaning, but the aim of all is the same - to remove as much, if not all, of the accumulated dust, grit and general soiling as possible. Regular vacuuming is a fundamental part of housekeeping, but more specialised equipment and knowledge are required in order to clean carpets and fabrics properly. There are a variety of cleaning methods, the choice depending on many factors - mainly the type of fibre, its construction, age, condition, location, degree of soiling and the time available to carry out the work. The most recognised cleaning processes are hot water extraction (often referred to as steam cleaning) and various low moisture methods. We have the experience and expertise to recommend the most appropriate method to achieve the best possible results, whatever the circumstances. WHERE WE DO IT Carpets and upholstery are usually cleaned on- site. Although some companies have off-site facilities for your cleaning requirements, especially rugs. We will advise you on the most appropriate method for your particular situation. ON-SITE CARPET CLEANING Before work starts, we ensure that the carpets are correctly fitted and that any possible problems, such as weak or damaged seams, are pointed out to you. The area concerned should be as clear as is practical, and left clear until the carpet is dry. Drying times vary with the type of carpet, the method used and the weather, but we can give you an accurate assessment at the time. UPHOLSTERY All upholstery is carefully inspected prior to cleaning. We then decide on the most suitable method according to the type of material and degree of soiling. Advice on how to assist in preparing the area for the furniture cleaning can be provided, if required, and every care will be taken to protect the floor covering and surrounding furniture during the work. OFF-SITE CLEANING For the best results, some items may require to be taken away and processed at an off-site facility. Here, more thorough cleaning and rapid drying will take place. Fitted carpets which are being transferred to another area, valuable oriental carpets and rugs, flooded or smoke damaged items and heavily soiled carpets, in particular, may benefit from this service.

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