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As professional carpet cleaners we use specialty cleaning and stain removal treatments to improve the appearance of forgotten drink spills - cola, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, soda and others. Even with the best treatments, however, some coloured residue or caramelized sugar stain, resulting from the spillage, may remain. To lessen the possibility of stain damage, immediate action should be taken by our customers when a spillage occurs. It is helpful if they take the following steps:- • Put a half-inch thickness of clean, white absorbent material, such as paper or cloth towelling, over the area and weight it down. • Keep replacing with fresh absorbent material and repeat as needed. It is important to inform our customers of how to deal with any stains and spillages prior to a professional clean. It will make our job so much easier and guarantee a more successful result.

Always choose Xtremeclean ECO for your carpet & upholstery cleaning needs.

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