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Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Carpet Cleaning South East London

Unfortunately some consumers are unaware of the many benefits of professional carpet cleaning and will only call us once their floor coverings are displaying obvious signs of soiling. Educating our customers on the various advantages of cleaning will allow us the opportunity to communicate the value of regular cleaning maintenance programmes, hopefully reducing the number of one-off jobs (where the items to be cleaned are heavily soiled) we have to undertake.

1) PROFESSIONAL CLEANING WILL HELP TO MAINTAIN THE LIFE EXPECTANCY OF YOUR CARPETS Carpets need regular professional cleaning in order to maintain their expected lifespan. Accumulated soil and grit are major causes of wear and tear, which results in reduced carpet life. Every time you step on your carpets, you grind dirt into the fibres. This cuts the fibres, just like using a knife. This ‘cutting’ causes your carpets to wear out faster. Regular vacuuming will go some way to prolonging the life of your carpet, however, on its own it is simply not enough. Professional cleaning will remove the soiling deep within the pile that regular vacuuming cannot reach. 2) PROFESSIONAL CLEANING WILL REMOVE POLLUTANTS FROM YOUR CARPETS There are many contaminants in indoor environments and, because they are unable to escape, they have to end up somewhere. That place is usually the carpet. A carpet is actually a very good retainer of pollutants, trapping allergens and dust efficiently, reducing the number of particles in the air and significantly improving indoor air quality. Some of these pollutants will be removed during a regular vacuuming routine but it is important to bear in mind that, unless carpet is regularly professionally cleaned, pollutants retained deep within the fibres will eventually be transferred back into the air. 3) PROFESSIONAL CARPET CLEANING HELPS TO PREVENT INSECT INFESTATIONS Moths and carpet beetles are known to digest protein fibres such as wool, silk and specialty hair fibres, but these insects will also attack synthetic fibres if they contain protein substances. This means that carpets made from nylon, polyester and other synthetics can be damaged if they contain food or beverage stains, blood, urine, perspiration or other sources of nutritional protein. The most effective way to prevent an infestation and inhibit growth is to keep floor coverings clean. Regular professional cleaning will remove the source of nutrition, meaning that the carpet will no longer provide the ideal habitat in which insects are able to survive and thrive.

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