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Pet Urine On Carpet

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Maybe your puppy isn't fully house-trained yet or your dog has had an accident. Either way if you have dogs long enough and you have carpet, it will probably happen to you, the inevitable dog urine stain on the carpet. Our customer had tried using "off the shelf" stain removers. The products she used left a nasty residue on the carpet pile which made the unsightly urine stains a whole lot worse. We were able to successfully remove the urine stains and the product used by our customer. No unsightly stains and no more horrible odour issues. Professional carpet cleaning is recommended when dealing with urine stains Please feel free to contact Wayne at Xtremeclean ECO for your FREE QUOTATION 📞020 8150 7161 📱07950 816925 📧 💻

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